Sunday, 8 September 2019

The Tale of the White Eagle

I am going to tell you an ancient tale, one that is of the utmost importance to us today, one that is perhaps a warning, or maybe a prophecy. What it foretells is not inevitable but will happen if we do not do something to stop it. The ancient tale is adapted from the prophecies of the Seeress Sahaja speaking to King Nebuchadnezzar II. We are warned to defend against the 'First Flood', but if we fail we are 'all lost'! It is a message that is passed to us through the mists of time. The following has been changed an adapted..........

Are you sitting comfortable....Then I shall begin....

'Once upon a time a White Eagle circled over the sea beneath the Midnight Mountain of the North, noble and pure. He did harm to no-one, and neither anger, greed, nor envy were his ways. But there were other birds, of other species, less noble and less pure, without the Radiant Light of the White Eagle. These lesser birds envied the great White Eagle and conspired to stop him from landing so that he would die of exhaustion and starvation and then fall dead into the sea, so that no-one would ever know that there ever had been a noble White Eagle in the world.

The White Eagle kept circling for a long time, until distress forced him to fight against all the less noble birds, many of which he fought off and pushed down, remaining a winner in these fights for a long time. But then these lesser birds gathered more comrades and attacked the White Eagle again, after they had previously tried to starve him. There were terrible fights of the many against the one, until finally the White Eagle lay bleeding on the ground and could not fight back. But because he had not fallen into the sea to die, and could still be seen from his white plumage, they plucked all his feathers and then ate his raw flesh. Thus the White Eagle did not exist on the Earth any more. No-one would know that he had ever existed. 

Soon it was revealed that the White Eagle had been the source of the Light, of the Sunlight, and the father of the White Clouds in the sky. Henceforth there was no more Pure Light and only grey and dull, dark clouds which stopped the Rays of the Sun and devoured the heat of the Sun between Heaven and Earth. The Great Darkness was coming upon the Earth.

But the numerous non-noble birds that survived the long fight against the White Eagle, as it became colder and colder, and darker and darker upon the Earth, cried out that the White Eagle was guilty of bringing on the darkness, and for this they had murdered him. Thus they denied their own guilt and their lies deceived the world.

As time passed more Evil Demons from the Shadow-World came with the Darkness, for they feel at home in the dark. With these came the diseases of the spirit, and nothing was any longer understood in the world. These Evil Spirits know no suffering, no joy, neither fear nor any feeling whatever - they do not know, they do not care. These Dark Spirits brought further wickedness into the world, and many realised - too late - that the White Eagle had been the shield against the Dark Power. What had been the Light that protected from the Darkness had been slain by the envious birds, and now they all became victims, and they too perished at the hand of the Lord of Shadows - and life no more existed upon the Planet Earth....

'This I saw, this is a coming picture; and yet it is a warning - not inevitable fate. Defend, you people, for already is the First Flood! If you fail - the world is lost!' 

Sahaja 11.

The 'Flood' is symbolic of the 'Breath of Decay' that will spread through the world. 'The Second Flood will find its way to extinction.' This is not inevitable, but only if the alternative is taken up, and these mysteries are revealed in the latest Ar-Kan Rune-Lag posts.......................

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