Sunday, 10 January 2016

Two Wodenic Poems

We Shall Be Free

This is our Fatherland,

Built by the Saxon hand;

Ing lead us o'er the sea,

Led us to victory,

We Shall Be Free -

We Shall Be Free.

Then dark times came upon

England and all her sons;

No longer free to speak,

Our soul they tried to break;

We Shall Be Free -

We Shall Be Free -

Edric and Hereward,

Folk-Hero Robin Hood;

Hengest and Horsa ride,

Rise now our English Pride;

We Shall Be Free -

We Shall Be Free - 

This is our Fatherland,

Land of the Free.

Son of Woden

Son of Woden - Son of Earth,

That this planet should give birth

To such a man in this dark hour,

Proves the worth of Aryan Power.

Imprisoned in a stinking pit,

To lower forms of life not fit;

But head held high, a Noble Man,

Right to the end defiance ran.

The forces that suppress and yoke,

All freedom taken from the Folk;

Could never silence one who dared

To match their might, ne'er running scared.

Though locked away 'till death it came

Upon this hero - David Lane;

Sits in Valhalla with the Gods,

His life a war against all odds.

Woden welcomes now his Son,

And still the struggle shall go on;

His courage shall not be in vain

For victory one day we'll gain.

He suffered like the Son of God,

Hung upon the Holy Rood;

That his death may pave the way

For one who comes at break of day.

The Hanged God is dead! - The cry;

The Avenging Son now shall arise;

On sacred soil of Albion,

Hail now to you - the Conquering Son.

He'll wield with wrath the Flaming Sword

Known in writings as The Word;

See now your death was not in vain

Now rise The Hallowed One again.

Wields the Power of Light and Dark,

To His call now the Folk shall hark;

Call-to-arms - the Avenging Son

Rides forth before the victory won.

Valhalla's halls are open wide,

Led forth by Woden, now they ride;

The Fallen Heroes of our Race,

The Armies of the Beast they face.

Storms rock the lands, the waters rise,

Fire and Lightning fills the skies;

The Broken Sword is forged again,

That victory this time we gain.

This planet rocked in Holy War,

A brighter age it looms before;

A Golden Age with evil gone,

A cleaner Earth the Sun shines on.

For all was worth it in the end,

That Woden then his Son did send.....

'We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for White Children'.

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