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The Winged Serpent

There are some strange mysteries revealed in the Christian Bible, mysteries that I feel we should not overlook. Here I am going to look in particular at the Book of Genesis and the famous story of 'Adam and Eve'. Indeed, reading through this story there are obvious hints at an anti-evolutionary force working against mankind's spiritual evolution. 

The story of 'Adam and Eve' should be known by most, so I will here merely touch upon the relevant parts to this article. In Genesis 3:14 we read a piece about the Serpent that is said to have tempted Eve - 'upon thy belly shalt thou go'. The Serpent was said to have tempted Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and when 'God' (i.e. Yahweh-Jehovah) found out he wanted to put a stop to this, so he punished both Adam and Eve as well as the Serpent. He banished the humans from paradise - the Garden of Eden. 

In order to understand this piece we need to consider that if the Serpent was then to crawl on his 'belly' then this suggests that prior to this the Serpent had wings. The Winged Coiled Serpent suggests the Awakened Kundalini. Adam and Eve were first tempted to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and thus to gain knowledge, wisdom and thus understanding. Of course, this would not do for Yahweh-Jehovah who wished mankind (as today) to remain in darkness and ignorance. Even worse, were mankind to eat of the Tree of Life he would attain to immortality and become 'as gods'. Is this not what we wish to achieve for our Folk? 

There is indeed a glaring inconsistency here, and we must remember that the Old Testament forms part of the Hebrew Scriptures, whilst the New Testament was in the main more orientated to the Greek. In Revelation 2:7 we find the following -

'To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God'. 

Now, this is a remarkable statement in view of its being the polar-opposite of the Old Testament Hebrew ideas of stopping mankind from eating of the Tree of Life and thus gaining immortality. Both texts refer to the same Tree of Life as shown by this being in the 'paradise of God', i.e. the Garden of Eden. I am here going to suggest that since the fruits of this tree are usually considered to be the apple then this is the Garden of Idunn corrupted into the 'Garden of Eden'. 

'Many centuries ago, according to the legend, the Serpent came out of the sea and grew wings...It had started its journey towards the stars, and particularly the Morning Star, when suddenly it was overcome by the waters of the great Flood...On this occasion the Plumed Serpent did not drown, but it lost its wings.'

'The Serpent of Paradise' - Miguel Serrano.

We can gleam a hint of the true meaning of the 'Adam and Eve' story from all this. At one time mankind had awakened the Fire-Serpent and was on the way towards becoming as gods, but the Great Flood halted this climb towards immortality and the Serpent lost its wings and became earth-bound again. The use of the Third Eye was lost and the Kundalini-Force became dormant again, to be awakened by the few in this Dark Age. 

In the tale we find that the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden (Idunn) is guarded by a Flaming Sword. This is a subject for meditation since it is symbolism connected to the Sacred Centre and to the Garden of Idunn where can be found the Golden Apples of Immortality. In Chinese Lore the apple is replaced by the peach as symbolism of immortality, and in one symbolism we find the 'Monkey and the Peach', a monkey holding a peach. Within the same symbolism is the widdershins swastika and the monkey has the shape of the glyph used by the Vril Society whose aim could be nothing less than the search for immortality

It should seem obvious that the Old Testament account of the Serpent is the polar-opposite of the New Testament, the latter suggesting that the Serpent is not an 'evil' force at all but the force that aids mankind's evolution towards immortality and the god-head. In the Old Testament it is, as the Gnostics suggested, Yahweh-Jehovah who is the enemy of mankind's evolution, and who sends a flood to destroy mankind. This makes sense in view of the fact that in ancient times the Serpent was seen as symbolic of knowledge, and the Winged Serpent as the Awakened Kundalini and the Way to Immortality. 

The statement in Revelation 2:7 also suggests that the way to gain immortality, eating from the Tree of Life, is through struggle and overcoming all odds. It is for 'him that overcometh' and thus only for those who take up this great struggle. 

Added January 8th 2016 -

In Revelation 21 we find that after the great catastrophes, and the Final Battle, there appears a 'new heaven and a new earth' and there is a statement thus -

'In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the Tree of Life. which bare twelve manner of fruits...and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations...'

This concept is very much like the White Tree which flowers once more, or has shed a seed which renews itself; this can be found in Lord of the Rings. That this Tree of Life (Tree of Immortality) bears twelve fruits links it to the Twelve Golden Apples of Idunn, the Apples of Immortality. We are told specifically that the leaves of the Tree of Life were for the healing of the nations. This tells us that far from being an outmoded concept the Folk-Nation will last into the future New Age. 

In 'Odin's Raven Galdor' Idunn is associated with Nanna, which we find nowhere in Norse Mythology, and thus the wife of Baldaeg the Sun-God. It is she who sleeps under the White Wolf-Skin, and cannot be awoken by the gods or by Loki the Trickster, awakening only when her time has come. She figures in The Prophecy 88 where she awakens through the power of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth. There she is also likened to the Morning Star - Venus - and to the Coming of the Divine Child, the Last Avatar. 

It is also interesting to note that the Tree of Knowledge is mentioned only in the Old Testament account, and not in the New Testament. This suggests that mankind's eating of the Tree of Knowledge and thus his knowing 'good and evil' refers to the appearance of the 'I' or 'Ego' which is what makes mankind differ from the animal world, since it means that we evolved choice in what we do, choice over how to act. This, of course, brought with it many problems, since it gave mankind the ability to choose the evil path as well as the good path, and to take the wrong choices and paths. It also brought with it the problem of the rampant egoism and individualism of today's society. Yet, without that choice, how could mankind ever evolve upwards to the Divine - to become 'as gods', since to do so means to grow out of its 'childhood' and to be able to choose which way to go, and thus be able to become the God-Man. But this cannot be for the masses, the many, but only for the few who can overcome individualism and develop a Folk-Consciousness amongst themselves, whilst still maintaining an individual path towards god-head. Those who can at the same time strengthen the ego into the Absolute I of Miguel Serrano. It should be noted that the appearance of the ego thus occurs before the biblical flood, which seems out of place - but we must remember that certain sections of these texts have been grossly distorted. But looked at another way the appearance of the ego would seem to come after the sinking of Atlantis, which may well have been an earlier flood, hence the time of Noah - some 4000 years ago - could be a more exact time. This would thus happen before the final cataclysm that sank At-al-land, or rather more precise the final great cataclysm that sank most of what was left of these lands. 

This would fit with the Secret Doctrine which tells us that prior to the catastrophe that finally sank At-al-land a group of Initiates were split off from the main body of the people to be initiated in the Sun-Oracles in a mountainous region of At-al-land. These people developed the 'I' or 'Ego' in order to be able to avoid future cataclysms due to the problems of the old form of consciousness which had led to the Black Magic that finally sank these lands. These peoples were the Aryans who then moved southwards and eastwards from the dying lands, before At-al-land finally sank with many of its inhabitants. This would also explain why Mdm. Blavatsky named the Aryans as the Race of Hope, and why these people (or rather today the remnants of these peoples) were the ones who would be able to transform themselves into the God-Man or Sonnenmensch. If this is so, and it is only an idea, a theory, then the Hale-Bopp Comet heralded the appearance of the Aryans. As such, maybe today it heralds the appearance of the God-Man. 

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