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The Morning Star

'And there appeared a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of Twelve Stars.' 

Revelation 12:1

This I feel refers to the planet Venus which appears in the morning at certain times of the year 'clothed with the Sun' (the rising sun) and the crescent moon 'under her feet' (i.e. below the planet). The 'Crown of Twelve Stars' is the constellation known as The Corona ('The Crown') which stands near to Venus at this time. 

In the text of Revelation Venus brings forth a 'man-child' who was to 'rule the nations with a rod of iron', which refers to the 'nations' or 'Gentiles'. Now, it is also said that a 'great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns' appears as another 'wonder in heaven', and this beast would 'devour' the child. It is well known in both the story of Jesus and of Krishna that the evil force tries to prevent the birth of an avatar through the slaying of the children, or 'Slaughter of the Innocents', which seems to be part of the same archetypal myth. This should be noted since it is an important point.

In order to avoid the wrath of the Red Dragon (The Joten) the woman 'fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three-score days'. This we need to look at now. This is 1,260 days and in a later section we are told -

'And to the woman were given the wings of an Eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time,, and times, and half a time, from the face of the Serpent.'

Revelation 12:14.

This being so then 1260 days is very near to three and a half years - a year ('a time'), plus two years ('and times'), plus six months ('half a time'). If this is right then she is in the 'wilderness' for three and a half years, which may also be symbolic of the three and a half coils of the Fire-Serpent (Kundalini). 

In the meantime we are told that 'there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon... and the great Serpent...which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out onto the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him...' (Revelation 12:7-9). This text suggests that the Evil Power was cast out with his 'angels' (i.e. servants) onto the Earth. We are then told -

'Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth and of the sea! for the devil (Evil One) is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he has but a sort time'. 

Revelation 12:12

This is an important text because it suggests that what we are seeing today, an increase in oppression world-wide which seems to be done out of desperation, and the hastening of the destruction of the White Folk around the world, is going on because the Dark Forces recognise that their time is up and a new power and force for good is arising. No doubt that some of this is due to their complacency in feeling that nothing on earth can oppose their power, but subconsciously things may be different. They may hold total control over the masses, yet the masses have never changed anything, change coming through the will of the few. There are also meta-genetic factors that these people have overlooked.

This text also implies that there was a war on the Spiritual Planes, a war in which this Evil Force was defeated, and thus was cast out 'onto the Earth' where the Final Battle would take place. This makes sense of everything we know of the history of the past 100 years, since defeat on the physical plane does not imply defeat on the spiritual plane - hence the reason for optimism rather than wallowing in a so-called 'defeat'. The power of this Evil Force has certainly accelerated since the end of World War II. It now has total control over this world, and hence it's final defeat must happen here on the material plane. 

To return to the 'woman' who is Venus or Freya. We are then told how the Serpent 'cast out of his mouth water as a flood, after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood'. Here the Earth helped the woman by opening up and swallowing the waters. This incensed the Red Dragon which '...went to make war with the remnant of her seed...' Now, we can see here that the Red Dragon's aim is the destruction of the Seed of Freya which we can equate with the Fryans or Frisians (Folk of Freya). At this point we should perhaps consider the floods that we have had over the past few years and not dismiss these as a coincidence. We may see these as a natural phenomena, but this is a subject for debate since we do know of ancient tales of the Druids being able to change the weather, and we also know that these Dark Forces study ancient texts with the aim of the control of Nature ( as does modern science). 

If we are to believe certain sections of the Oera Linda Book (which is an 'Initiated Work' and not a historical document) then the Folk of Frya were far more numerous that what we know as the later 'Frisians', and would have been scattered over various areas after the catastrophes that beset their lands (At-al-land) in previous eras. Indeed, these people would have formed part of the Ingwaeones that Tacitus mentions, and would thus be connected to Ingwe (Frey) as well as Freya. The coming together of the 'Friends of Ing' or the 'Sons of Ing' created the Nation of Ingwe - the English Folk. 

There are hints here as to why this Evil Force, which has now erupted onto the Earth in its full wrath, has set out to first destroy the English Nation, wiping it from the (European) map forever. In the texts of Revelation the one who will 'rule the nations with a rod of iron' is named as the Son of Man who we see connected to Bootes in a previous post, i.e. Ingwe. This is certainly a good enough reason why this Evil Power should be out to destroy the English Folk! This is actually underlined when we consider the exact words - 'and went to make war with the remnant of her seed...'. (We should note that this would not apply to everyone known as being 'English' but to the 'Sons of Ing', but to do so the necessity to destroy the English altogether would become paramount, just as the need to slaughter the innocent children in order to slay one particular child (The Divine Child) would have formed part of this archetypal myth.

The 'Jesus Christ' of the text of Revelation is actually said to be the 'root and the offspring of David and the bright and Morning Star' which connects the Krist to the Morning Star (Venus) and thus to the Waene (Vanir), and thus to Ingwe of the Waene, as well as Freya. I have already mentioned in various other sources how Ingwe (Frey) and Freya are both man and wife and brother and sister, and that Venus is a Double-Star which is both male and female, and connected to both Ingwe-Frey and Freya. There is also an obvious link between Venus and Bootes. 

In certain Gnostic Kristian texts the Krist is sent by Sophia, whose name means 'wisdom' and who gives us the word 'philosophy' ('philosophy' means 'love of wisdom'), to right the wrong done by the Demiurge (Jehovah) by sending down The Krist to aid mankind. Whatever the case Sophia must thus be our own Freya who sends her 'son' to aid us in our struggle for survival and the defeat of the Demiurge. It is also important to note that knowledge, and thus wisdom and above all understanding is the key to this struggle since it is waged against the Forces of Darkness and Ignorance, the forces that seek to keep mankind in the darkness, unaware that through the Tree of Knowledge and then the Tree of Life mankind may become as 'gods' - Divine Immortals. 

In this text 'The Beast' is given power by the Great Red Dragon, and when we see 'The Beast' as the European Union this fits in with what has happened over the past few decades. Since this power becomes world-wide, as it is said that - 'power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues and nations' - then this is the 'New World Order'. There is a strange statement in Revelation which tells us that the 'First Beast' was 'wounded to death' but was healed and 'all the world wondered after the Beast'. Then we are told that 'another beast cometh up out of the earth... and he exercised all the power of the beast before him'. The first beast had 'the wound by a sword' which suggests that this Evil Force had a setback and was 'wounded' but came back in the form of yet another 'beast' after the first was wounded by a sword. The Hebrew letter ZAIN means 'Sword' and is an anagram of NAZI! It is this second beast that brings into being the 'Mark of the Beast' - the 666 Mark coming into being when the 'Cashless Society' comes into being. 

We do actually find that the whole world (bar the few) have been deluded by this Evil Power, as suggested in these texts, and that this power was 'worshipped' by the masses (which is the case today) - certainly the people of the Earth have been 'deceived' by this power, and few feel that it can be defeated - which it will be! 

The number 666 seems to be related to the material and physical world, but the number 144,000 seems to be related to the spiritual realms. The 'Fall of Babylon' is perhaps symbolic of the fall of the New World Order, and in particular the fall of the Brit-American Empire of The Beast which today seems to be the controlling force (with the Red Dragon powering this force). It was 'with violence' that this 'Babylon' would fall, and 'in one hour so great riches is come to nought'

After this the time of the return of the Krist-Spirit takes place, the Coming of the Son of Man with the Armies of Light, riding a White Horse, and wielding a 'sharp sword' in his mouth ('Word-Sword'). This is hardly the figure of a meek and mild 'preacher' but the figure of Kalki Avatar, HelgiH or Wid-Ar the Avenger - The Hooded Man. When we consider what I have said here the importance of Ingwe-Frey and Freya comes to the fore. 

David Lane (Wodensson) pointed out that the first sentence of the Old Testament - 

'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.' 

consists of 44 letters, and that the last sentence of the New Testament -

'The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.'

also consists of 44 letters. These add up to 88 letters. This is hinted at in the words used of the Krist - Beginning and the End - First and the Last. This is the root and offspring of the bright and Morning Star.' 

What this post is about is not the Jesus Christ of Saul/Paul but the true and original Cosmic Krist who we are told in Norse Lore 'shaped the world' (under the Hagal-Rune). Krist = Lucifer ('Light-Bearer', Venus) = Woden = Wid-Ar (Woden resurrected) = Ingwe ('Son of Man'). These are archetypal figures taking part in an archetypal myth. 

The importance of bringing these Mysteries of Krist (Ingwe) into the light is that they can be used in argument with Christians who have for so long been bound by Judaeo-Christian dogma. This negates the criticism that will no doubt be raised against me for using 'Christian' works, even though the ideas given here are plain to see, and thus give hints that these works are not quite what they seem. Indeed, they fit in well with Germanic Mythology and with Hindu Mythology, and the other Aryan Mythologies that have similar ideas. 

In regard to the Krist being the 'root and offspring of David' we can find a very strange thing in the biblical texts, for the son of David is Solomon, famed for his great wisdom, and also his great foolishness. In esoteric symbolism the 'Star of Solomon' is a five-pointed star, which has been used in ancient times as the Star of Venus (*). And yet his father, David, has today for his symbol the 'Star of David', a six-pointed star, this being related to Saturn and not to Venus. Indeed, this seems to have been a very late symbolism used by the Rothschild Dynasty as the 'Star of Israel' - i.e. Zionism (or its previous forms). Maybe this is why the New Testament 'Christ' referred to the 'Synagogue of Satan (Saturn), which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie..' (Revelation 3:9). This again suggests a distortion from the truth. 

(*) This is also found in Norse Mythology where the Wolsunga Royal House is threatened with extinction when Rerir is childless in old age. This Divine Race and Offspring of Woden is saved through the intervention of 'Venus' (Freya) whose handmaid drops an apple into the lap of the wife of Rerir who then bears them a son - Wolsung. It is important to note that not only is the apple symbolic of immortality but also of renewal; when cut in half along the central axis, cutting it into two halves with the 'poles' being intact at each end, a five-pointed star is seen at the core. Indeed, within this five-pointed star are the 'pips' - i.e. the Seeds of Renewal (anyone can test this themselves). Here, indeed, we have confirmation that Idunn is actually another name for Freya - Venus. It is Idunn that saves the Wolsunga Royal House - the Divine Race of Woden. 

Through Siegmund, Sigurd and then Parsifal the Wolsunga Lineage plays the leading role in the struggle against the Dark Forces and the final overthrowing of these forces. It is Venus-Freya-Idunn that will bear the Last Avatar who will achieve the Final Victory - the End-Sieg! It was Woden himself that sired this Divine Race in order to combat and finally defeat the Joten. What I have said here suggests that the Wolsunga Lineage is in fact the Graal Lineage.

The five-pointed star as the 'Star of Venus' is used today within 'Wicca', which is a distorted version of 'paganism'; this is shown clearly in that 'Wicca' pursues a Lunar Religion which runs counter to the five-pointed star symbolism, which has thus been distorted through its wrongful use. In masonic symbolism, probably from the Egyptian symbolism, the five-pointed star and a (rounded) Wyn-Rune is used as a glyph of Venus. This is indeed, for once, correct (and perhaps lost to modern Masonry), since the Wyn-Rune is the Rune of Venus and the Waene. Both the five-pointed star and the Wyn-Rune are symbolic of Freya-Venus. 

Since the five-pointed star was linked to the handmaid of Freya (Venus) this may well be her symbol; we may thus surmise that the other symbol - the Wyn-Rune - is linked to Ingwe (Frey) in some way. This is just a thought at this time, but one that needs consideration. Since 'Wicca' is an Old English word, and the main body of this organisation worships a 'Lord and Lady' (as well as just 'The Goddess' which is a feminist slant), they represent a modern distortion of the worship of Frey (Lord) and Freya (Lady). Here, once again, we can see how these Dark Forces create nothing, they merely alter what is into something unnatural - or put another way they 'create' a mockery of what is natural. Maybe this is why they use an Old English term for a movement that has nothing to do with the English and is based upon either distorted 'Celtic' ideas or a strange mixture of various traditions. The five-pointed star is thus symbolic of our goddess Freya-Idunn and maybe as the Goddess of Dawn, of Ostara-Eastra. 

A title that crops up in Anglo-Saxon texts is that of the Wunsc-Frey or 'Wish-Lord' and this has to be linked to the 'Wish-Hounds' that are part of the Myth of the Wild Huntsman. I have shown in other posts how Ingwe would appear to be an early form of Woden as a 'One-Eyed God'. This is not out of the question since their roles in later times overlap - Woden is also linked to fertility through the Ride of the Wild Army. The term wunsc is related to the Wyn-Rune which is a Rune of the Wild Hunter-God (Woden or Wyn/Gwyn/Wydion/Gwydion). 

Idunn, of course, may well be the equivalent of Danu who is the Goddess that brought into being the Tuatha de Danaan - the Tribe of Danu. If so then the Folk of Freya and the Folk of Danu are one and the same in ancient times. There may also be hints that Danu was not a goddess restricted to Ireland, since in Leicester we find an area known as the 'Dane Hills', named not after the Danes but of a dark figure known as Black Annis. Since this was corrupted to 'Dane' then the original may have been 'Danu'. 

We should remember that the title 'Frey' is just that, a title; and that the title 'Freya' is also just that, a title. They are not names as such, and the English used the true name of this god and divine ancestor - Ingwe. It is thus right to use the term Idunn or Ostara for this goddess, these being the same Goddess of the Dawn. This is the Dawn-Star as opposed to Ingwe who is the Evening Star, though they may both have their roles reversed. The name 'Ostara' is also a title when we consider its meaning - 'Star of the East'. 

Either as the Morning Star or the Evening Star the English may have seen Venus as Earendel; this is Ur-Waendel connected to the Long Man of Wilmington. It may well be that this is the Evenstar of Tolkien, whose Divine Light shines in times of peril and danger. This is connected to the Ear-Rune (The Eagle - see above where the 'woman' is given the wings of an Eagle) and the Cweorth-Rune. Here we have the paradox where the Long Man represents the New Dawn and heralds the New Age. Venus is the 'sister-planet' to the Earth and if I am correct revolves in the opposite direction to our planet. A complex web begins to unfold with these ideas, a web that needs far more thought to enfold in all its glory. 

What we need to consider with these ideas is that whenever an idea comes into play its opposite must arise naturally, and thus we find certain paradoxes that seem at first sight to make no sense. The Herne Giant is the figure of the Hunter-God, the God of the Winter aspect in the West, yet to the east of the Long Man is 'Hunter's Burgh' so this figure has similar qualities, but it is the Summer aspect in the East. Its time is of the balance of Light and Darkness at the Dawn and the Dusk, yet it also represents Cygnus the Swan which is a Summer Constellation (August-September). It is the Golden Dragon (Spring-Dawn), the White Dragon (Summer) and the Red Dragon (Autumn-Dusk) all in one. 

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