Sunday, 10 January 2016

Under The Dragon Banner

Here did Harold, King of the English, fall and die

Under the Dragon Banner, pierced through an eye;

Harold, we honour you, last of the Saxon Kings,

Son of Hengest and Horsa - the Divine Twins.

Cerdic and Cynric - Sons of the Engel-Kin,

Wielding the Sword of AEtla - land to win;

England - won by the sword, worked by the plough.

And today - all that was won is thrown away

By cowardly fools who live for today;

With scant regard for those who won

This sacred land, and fought to save

This sacred land, that we may have

And cherish it for those to come.

Harken! Ye who seek to overthrow

This sacred land - this England!

Though the mass today are fast asleep,

Beware! There are Wolves Amongst The Sheep!

This was a poem-rite used at one of our activities at Battle Abbey in East Sussex, where on numerous occasions we not only gave honour to our English forebears, but protested against the anti-English bias of the '1066 celebrations'. 

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