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God-in-Nature : God-in-the-Blood

Folkish Heathens believe that Nature is sacred, and that there is a Universal Life-Force which permeates all of Nature. This is a concept directly opposed to the man-centred religions, and those spiritual disciplines that see man as separate from Nature. We believe in the mystical link between the Blood & Soil - God-in-Nature and God-in-the-Blood. 


I have said before that the term 'God' has been used in the Old Testament instead of the Hebraic terms - Yahweh, El Shaddei, Elohim etc. 'God' is a Germanic word said to stem from the IE Root *gheu- which has the following meanings -

To pour, pour an offering.

To yawn, to gape with a variant form *ghau- meaning chaos, empty space.

To call, to invoke, from which the term 'God' is usually taken. 

Certainly, we can see the term 'god' used of our Racial Gods in the idea of an 'offering', and to 'pour an offering' (of Mead), and in the meaning of 'to call' or 'to invoke'. In the use of the idea of 'empty space' and of 'chaos' we come into the realm of Ginnungagap which was The Void of Creation which existed and exists eternally. Rather than a moment of 'Creation' at a certain time as told in the Old Testament, this seems to be more of a 'Creation' that happens every instant, since everything is being 'Created' and 'Destroyed' throughout the Cosmos. 

We may well have a clue in the Old English goma meaning 'palate', or 'jaw' stemming from the Germanic *go-ma. The IE Root *ghai- also means 'to yawn' or 'gape' from which we get Old English ginan, ginian, geonian meaning 'to yawn', stemming from the Germanic *ginon. Both the IE Root *ghau- and IE Root *ghai- refer to Ginnungagap which was the 'Gaping Chasm' or 'The Void', which was not empty but was charged with Magical Force - with the 'potential' for Creation. Since we actually derive the term 'God' from these roots, or at least one or more of them, then 'God' and 'The Void' are one and the same concept. 

The word 'Ginnung' is most likely linked to the Old English ginnan meaning 'to begin', commonly written on-ginnan. The Gothic ginnan has the same meaning, and in some old dictionaries the word 'begin' comes under 'gin'. These stem from the Aryan Root *gha-/*ga- meaning to gape' or 'to yawn'. So, the 'beginning' is related to 'The Void' - Ginnungagap.

All of this seems to suggest to me that The Void of Creation lies within the 'spaces' or 'in-between', and that this is charged with a Magical Force that permeates the all. Now, the word 'all' stems from an IE Root *al- which has the following meanings -

  • Beyond.
  • To wander.
  • To grow, to nourish.
  • To grind, mill.
  • All.
Etymologists would no doubt cringe when I say that all of these may well be rooted in the same ideas, and that each meaning may be enough to invoke the other meanings - as the ancients knew. So - God is 'beyond', 'wanders', is 'growth and nourishment', grinds' at the Cosmic Mill, and is The 'All'. Interestingly, the IE Root *al- also gives us the Germanic *alda- from whence comes Wr.Alda - The Primal Old One or The Primal Age. When making an invocation in a ritual we use the term Ar var Alda to invoke this 'Primal Time' - the 'First Time' - which, of course, is the beginning

Carlos Castaneda, in his works about Shamanism and experiences in Central America, advocates that the Initiate should look to the trees in a different way, seeking the 'gaps' that lie 'in-between' rather than the branches and leaves. There may here be a clue in the Peorth-Rune -

The Peorth-Rune is the Beorc-Rune that is 'opened up', i.e. the 'boundary' no longer exists and the rune is 'open' or even 'gapes' as we can see from the glyph itself. The rune is the 'jaws' that are open wide - 'gaping', or even 'yawning'; we have the idea of the 'jaw' in the Old English goma from the same root. Thus, at one level we find that the Peorth-Rune can denote The Void or Ginnungagap, and this seems to be reinforced by the term 'portal' which we have used for 'gateway'; this is the 'Gateway to Al' (Port-Al). 

AL - EL - IL - OL - UL

The above sequence of related root-sounds relates to 'Light', and thus Ilu (Babylon - 'Light') and Alu (Magical Force) are most likely related, as are the terms 'Alf' and 'Elf', as well as UL (Ullr = Glorious, Shining). The idea of ALU relating to sorcery, magic, intoxication and possession is thus related to the IE Root *gheu- from which stems 'god' and the Old English gydig/gidig meaning 'possessed' 'insane', rooted in 'possessed by a god'. 

The Od of Al

In the very rune-name 'Od-Al' we have the 'Od' (inspiration', 'madness', 'divine intoxication', 'possession') by Al - the God-Force. If we see Woden as the All-Father, but in the sense of the 'Father of the Folk' or 'Father of the Gods', then the High God - All-Father - must be the High Creative Force that created the gods, and thus Woden, for a purpose and a reason. But even the gods were subject to Wyrd and we should not overlook this concept; Wyrd operates through the Wyrd Sisters - Past-Present-Future in a sense - and it is these Three Sisters that allot to Man their fate and destiny. Like the term Wr.Alda which became the 'Father', originally this was gender-neutral.

This should make us look again at the image of Woden being swallowed by the Wolf's Jaws; this is akin to the 'Opening of the Mouth' ceremony in Egypt where the mouth of the dead pharaoh is prized open in order to allow the soul to escape. Woden is thus swallowed by the 'Gaping Jaws' of the Wolf and this hints that he returns to The Void from which his spirit arises resurrected as Wid-Ar. 

The word 'Nature' itself stems from the IE Root *genu- which gives rise to the following -

  • King,
  • Kin,
  • To give birth, beget, to generate,
  • Race, family,
  • Gentile = Nations,
  • Nature.
Thus, the 'Nations' have a direct link to 'Nature', and Sacral Kingship is the state where the Divine King is 'married' to the 'land' - Sovereign. The Divine King was a 'God-on-Earth' which is not the same as the Roman Emperor who became a 'god' after his death, a corruption of the original meaning. The ancient God-Kings were incarnations of God upon the Earth, these are now seen as an Avatar who incarnates in order to change the order of things, and appears now at the darkest hour of the Cosmic Cycle to destroy the Dark Forces and the Servants of Darkness. God-in-Nature is the Universal Life-Force permeating all life and living things - animate and inanimate. 

I have looked at the IE Root *al- and going further into this the IE Root *at-al- means 'race' or 'family', as does the IE Root *genu-. The Tocharian atal is compounded from at- - 'over', 'beyond' and -al - to nourish, or 'noble fostering', relating to the IE Root *al- as shown earlier. Both the IE Root *at- and the IE Root *al- mean 'beyond', suggesting another world or dimension, or even something that cannot be conceived. The letters 'r' and 'l' are very often interchangeable in the Indo-European Tongues, and so the IE Root *al- may also be related to the IE Root *ar- the latter meaning 'to fit together'. Thus both the terms Al and Ar may relate to the Black Sun which is the 'Hidden Sun' or 'Occulted Sun' - the Source of All. 

The Germanic Root *ansu- means 'spirit' and this is the meaning of the Ansuz-Rune: there is also an IE Root *an- meaning 'to breath', a term connected to 'breath' and 'spirit' as well as Vital Breath (ond). From this we get the term 'anima' and 'animate' which means something with 'soul' or 'spirit'. The IE Root *an- gives us the word 'ancestor'. These concepts are all linked together. 

These ideas seem to substantiate the ALU-ULA Three Cauldrons exercise in that the A-Rune lies at the Head-Centre (Higher Consciousness) and the Light-Fire is moved downwards through the L-Rune into the U-Rune (Base-Centre). Since Rata-tosk is the 'Messenger-God' we know as Hama (Heimdall) then this is associated with Ingus (Agni) and the Fire-Serpent. It is Ingus who brings the Fire-from-Heaven down to Earth and Mankind. The 'spark' of Fire-Spirit that runs through the Sacred Blood is the Inga-Fire.

This also bears out that it is necessary to move the energy upwards from the Base-Centre (UR) to the Head-Centre (ANSUZ) and there this unites with its opposite pole, then moving downwards to the Base-Centre again - bringing the Light down into the Darkness, and at the same time as the spiritualises Man thus also spiritualises the Earth. As Agni first 'hid' in the sap of plants, and in parallel within the Sacred Blood of Man, this is the 'God-in-the-Blood' that we refer to here - its is Angi-Ingus. This is the Avestan Hvrena or 'Glory of Light' which 'belongs to the Aryan Nations, born and unborn, and to the holy Zarathustra'; it is in the keeping of the Goddess Anahita (Ardvi Sura Anahita). It also the Necklace of Fire (Brisingamene) that was the possession of the Goddess Freya. This confers upon the God-King a Divine Mandate to rule - but it can be taken away. Loki stole the necklace, and Hama (Scef-Ing) regained it from a Lake - just as Kau Kusrau regained the Hvrena from a Lake after it was stolen by the Turanians (Joten-Thurs). 

The Swan-Ship is that of the Peorth-Rune again, but turned upon its back; this is the Swan-Ship of Scef-Ing who sails to the 'Shining Island' (Scandi in the North) which at one level suggests a Higher State of Consciousness. There he becomes the God-King elected by the people because he is of Divine Origin. At the end of his life he is again placed in the Swan-Ship and sails back whence he came. This Swan-Ship is also perhaps the Dragon-Ship which represents the Fire-Serpent which is the Fiery-Energy that moves up and down the human spine. The Peorth-Rune is also the Origin of Life (from the Waters of the Womb) since it is the Birth-Rune (Beorc opened up), and also (as Hamasson pointed out) the foetus in the Womb of the Mother. 

The 'Waters of Dissolution' are involved in dissolving everything into the Primal Chaos; the Swan-Ship sails upon the 'Waters of Dissolution' as the 'Ark' that holds within itself the 'Seeds of Life' which will spring up anew after the Great Cataclysm. This is why the above symbol sometimes had a 'dot' in the centre, representing the 'Seed of Life'. This, of course, is also the 'Seed of Life' that will grow into the new 'Tree of Life' that sprouts up after the Great Cataclysm - the White Tree. The 'seed' is a kind of 'blueprint' for new life, the 'potential' where the Life-Energy is locked inside ready to 'spring' forth and bring new life and growth. 

Those religions that see Nature as not being sacred in any way, and thus see Her as being merely there to exploit, are man-centred and see mankind as being a 'special creation'. In one sense this may be correct of the ancient 'Sons of the Gods' or Shining Ones but this is not how these religions see it, indeed their beliefs are linked to the 'Revolt of the Slaves' where they elevate the lowest and worse to the top of the pile, and look to the weak and the sick rather than the strong and the healthy. Indeed, they also elevate the depraved and sick-minded to the top of the pile. When man 'killed' God there arose the phrase - 'There is no god but man' (Adam Weishaupt & Aleister Crowley) - and so even in the god-less society man himself was elevated to 'God' and became the centre of worship. This was no different since he took himself to be in some way superior (and even 'divine' in some cases) to Nature. Nature is no more sacred under this philosophy than with man-centred religions. 

The upward-downward movement of the Fiery-Energy can be seen in the way that the sap in plants and trees works. There is an upward-movement towards the heavens in the Spring-Summer and a downward-movement back towards the Earth in the Autumn-Winter. This is probably one of the keys to the Eoh-Rune which is related to the IE Root *aiw- which means 'Vital Force', 'Life-Force' or 'Vital Energy' as well as 'Eternity', related to the IE Root *g(w)eia- meaning 'to live'. The Eoh-Rune is the 'Vital Force' in the sap, and also in the blood of Man; the E(o)h-Rune is the 'White Horse' which is the force that is behind the movement of the sap and Vital Energy. This upward-downward force can be seen in the tree, running from root to trunk to branches, and back though branches to trunk to roots again. The gods took the essence of the mighty Ash-Tree, already animated by the Vital Force, and made from it Man who was not static, fixed to the Earth, but had freedom of movement, and could eventually 'reach for the heavens'. It is a fact that once the 'Inner Fire' burns out within us we are dead; we no longer breath because there is no longer the need for oxygen to fan the 'Inner Fire'. 

That any rise of the ancient Heathen Religion based upon the sacredness of Nature and the Natural Order should pose a threat to the Anti-Life Religions seems rather obvious. This also applies to any form of ecological movements that appear, hence the reason why these powers fund and manipulate anything that arises in order to control it and to divert its course as they see fit. This is where we can gleam the truth that the Marxists that are prominent in such movements as the 'Extinction Rebellion' cannot possibly be serious about Nature and the Earth since their own Marxist Movement has always been based upon urbanisation, just as their so-called 'opponents' (Global Capitalism) are wholly based upon the urban life. They cannot be otherwise since they promote the produce-and-consume society, advancing materialistic technology and destroying the countryside through their policies of building housing for imported labour. 

It would be through such man-centred laws as the Noahide Laws and Shariah Law that the Heathen Religions would be outlawed, though this would obviously be very hard to do now since they have used and built some sections for their own use - to divert attention from the True Heathen Faith. At this time they are busy trying to fuse these diverse religions into one, distorting each as necessary in order to create the worship of one supreme 'deity' - the Demiurge or Dark Lord. It will not be easy in this light for us to create a new Folkish Religion, but this has to be done for the sake of our Folk, and to prepare the way for the Last Avatar at the start of the Age of Aquarius. 

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