Sunday, 13 September 2020

The Northern Crown

 I have just been watching a YouTube video done by Carl Vernon, a man who stands against the madness that surrounds us today. His latest video is called 'More Mask Madness' and is obviously about - masks. It shows an 'American' celebrity (Gloria somebody....) pushing masks, especially for children. In fact she does actually emphasise that she wishes to 'capture' children by promoting the masks. 

The interesting thing is that this shows a PBS News Hour caption of a woman wearing a mask on which she clearly points out the 'Corona Borealis' stamped on it, with the constellation shown next to SATURN. Of course, as Hamasson once pointed out, Corona Borealis is the 'Crown' which has been tipped off the head of Bootes, the latter being the Constellation of Ingus. The Crown is upside-down!

Corona Borealis is next to Bootes which has Arcturus as its brightest star, the Star of the Once and Future King. As shown here the 'Northern Crown has 'fallen' from the head of Bootes. The mask concerned clearly emphasises that the Northern Crown has been 'toppled' by Saturn (Shaitan) - the 'Lord of the Rings'. 

The Flag of Gondor, after the defeat of Sauron and the Dark Forces, is shown with the Seven Stars of the Corona Borealis, under which is the Crown which has been placed upon the head of the 'Once and Future King', with the 'Return of the King'.

The Romans had a festival called 'Saturnalia' which seems to have changed from the original theme of Saturn as Ruler of the Golden Age, to that of the upturning of the social order completely. In this Saturn became the 'Lord of Misrule' over the 'Feast of Fools'. He creates and (mis-)rules over a disordered, chaotic and absurd society, what we would call 'insanity'. One of the things linked to the Saturnalia seems to have been the wearing of masks. However, this (mis-)rule lasts for a very, very short period (no doubt originally after the Yuletide) and his reign is overthrown and a New Order and New Golden Age commences. Saturn-Shaitan (lead) is transmuted into Gold. The 'Lord of Misrule' is a later medieval concept, but still a remembrance of the reign of the Dark Powers. There is also a mask called 'Leave Saturn in the Saturnalia' which underlines how confident of their invincibility they are now. 

On March 20th 1345 there was a planetary conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius; the Black Death flared up at this time. There was a similar conjunction 700-odd years later - in 2020. The followed the Covid-19 'pandemic. We all know how this has been pushed beyond belief, but we should still be aware that this could just be the start of something worse, and never let down our guard. Our Folk-Survival is at stake now, and we should keep up our vigilance and our 'prepping'. 

Of course, the 'Northern Crown' represents the Coming Avatar - the Divine Child, and, as I have mentioned before, we have the case of the expected birth of a 'Divine Child' two thousand years ago, and the 'Massacre of the Innocents' designed to slay him. At the End-Time, two thousand years later, it is prophesied that the 'Red Dragon' (Shaitan-Saturn) will try to slay the Divine Child that is now expected - the Last Avatar. This imagery on the mask could represent this, using a pandemic this time to do their dirty work. The 'Flood' sent by the Dragon of Evil represents the 'pandemic'.

This is a time of transformation, and the events of today are there to provide obstacles that have to be overcome. They should be seen as a challenge, not the end of the world. Our task is to awaken the 'heirs', and thus prepare the way for the Man to Come. Our Folk are about to undertake a great transmutation which will herald the appearance of the God-Man on Earth. 

The key to understanding this transmutation lies in the Ear-Rune and the Cweorth-Rune. The Ear-Rune is the Cweorth-Rune with the hands 'bound' (as in the 'Bound Giant' which is often depicted as Satan-Shaitan), and the Cweorth-Rune has the arms 'unbound'. The key to the freeing of Saturn seems to be Fire, the Fires of Surt. The Cweorth-Rune has an alternative name of TRIS, which is SIRT spelled backwards. Saturn is the 'Lord of the Rings' and in the English Epic the 'Ring of Power' has to be destroyed in the Fires of Mount Doom. Only fire can show the letters around the Ring of Power, and only fire can destroy it. 

According to the 2020 diary I have the Winter Evennight (Autumn Equinox) is on 22nd September; however, this would make Halloween (October 31st) 39 days later, and as far as I know Halloween should be 40 days after. The Holy Night of Hallowed Eve is 31st October which is All Fool's Night. Interestingly, this is just seven months after April 1st - April Fool's Day. According to some the 40-day period is the dark interval before the dawn of a new cycle. We may expect some developments this month.

One of the most sacred places of the Islamic Faith is Mecca, and here the Kaaba is kept - the Black Stone. This Black Cube represents Saturn, and all three of the main religions - Judaism, Islam and Christianity - worship Saturn, even though they may not know this. (The Christian Cross is a cube opened out!) The Kaaba, according to legend, was a White Stone that turned black, which suggests the transmutation of Saturn into Shaitan. 

The White Stone of Ing thus takes on even more importance at this time, since it is a White Stone, and the prophecy in Revelation tells how it will be found again in the 'Temple of my God', this God being Ingus, the 'New Name of God' in this era. This is how important it is to recognise this as the Age of Ing or the Age of Ingus, and how important this Holy Stone really is. The 'Gift of Ing' is Fire, which underlines what I have just said, for Ingus is Agni - the Fire-God. Another mystery of the White Stone can now be revealed; the shape of the carvings on the White Stone shows Bootes (the area where the runes are carved, and the two 'legs' below this), upon which is the 'Crown' -

Here the Edel-Rune represents Bootes, and the 'Inverted V' represents the Northern Crown - 'The Crown-less again shall be king'. This is The Hooded Man who is 'transmuted' into the 'Crowned and Avenging Son'. The Hooded Man - who is Helgi Hundingsbane - must be 'slain' by Dag ('Day') who wields the Spear of Woden (only Woden himself can 'slay' his own). Thus dawns the Age of the Water-Jug and arises the Last Avatar - the Third Sargon. 

Looking at the Three Cauldrons exercise again, if the Base Centre is taken as an Inverted Triangle (Trikona) as the Ur-Centre ('U') and the Head-Centre is taken as an Upright Triangle (Asa-Centre) then we can see emerging here something of significance. Taking the Base-Centre as a 'V' and the Head-Centre as an 'Inverted V' then the aim is to return the 'Crown' to its rightful position at the Head-Centre. It is thus the movement of the Fire-Serpent (Ingus) upwards to the Head-Centre that restores the Crown to the Rightful King. The Fire-Serpent lies dormant in the Waters (Absu) at the base of the World Tree, and when awakened the energy moves upwards to the Head-Centre. 

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