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The Divine Fool


The Herne Giant

I call this the 'Herne Giant' rather than the 'Cerne Abbas Giant' because the term 'Herne' is one used by the English, and appears in various other areas of England - Windsor and Kent for example. The two 'nipples' are offset, just like the top two stars of Orion the Hunter; thus Herne the Hunter is an appropriate form. The Three Stars of the Belt of Orion were called the 'Phallus of Osiris' by the Egyptians, so the 'phallus' on the Giant represents the Three Stars of Orion. This was called 'Frigg's Distaff' by the Germanic Folk. The legend of Orion the Hunter is very much like that of Robin Hood, even down to the 'blindness' that comes to him before his death. The only recorded name, ignored by scholars and academics alike, is that of the god known to the Saxons as Heil. Where this is considered it is usually deemed to be the Greek Helios, though why this should be so no-one knows. 

It is quite possible that 'The Fool' of the Tarot represents Orion the Hunter, with the Dog-Star (Dog) at his heels. In the Robin of Sherwood series Robin Hood (The Hooded Man) is connected to 'The Fool', and in much of my writings I have shown this to be correct. The name 'Orion' seems to be a corruption of Ur-Aion or the 'Primal Aion', which would no doubt take us back to the Golden Age. In Egypt Orion was associated with Osiris

The Eight-Pointed Star in 'The Star' card of the Tarot may well symbolise Sirius or Venus, either of which can, at certain times, symbolise the 'Morning Star' or 'Evening Star', hence why the Egyptian Goddess Isis represented both Venus and Sirius. If the woman in the card is indeed Sirius, then she is the 'Water-Pourer' connected to the Age of Aquarius. Sirius is indeed 'The Water-Pourer' since she appears at the time of the inundation of the waters of the Nile each year, after the hot, dry 'Dog-Days' of the Summer. 

Osiris is slain by his brother, Set, and it is Isis who regains the dismembered pieces of his body, magically sets them together, and then is impregnated by the 'risen' Osiris, giving birth to a son, Horus. This, of course, is the 'Myth of Hamlet', and the only thing missing is that Hamlet is 'The Fool' who acts as a simpleton in order that his uncle does not discover his aim of revenging his father by slaying the uncle. The dead king becomes Osiris, and he is reborn into his son who is thus Horus. Each Egyptian King thus became the Horus-King and enacted this ancient myth in order that the Divine Order should be upheld. The 'Womb of Isis' from which Horus emerges is the Dog-Star, Sirius. 

The Long Man of Wilmington is the 'April Fool' and the Summer-God related to Cygnus the Swan, as opposed to the Winter-God related to Orion the Hunter. Both have the same shape. The club depicted on the Herne Giant is a very old symbol of a very old god. 

There is one major point that seems to link Venus and Sirius, and that concerns the Waene-Gods and in particular Freya and Ingui-Frey who are brother and sister. This brother-sister/husband-wife pairing was also known to the Egyptians, where Isis-Sothis (Sirius) is the wife of Osiris, but she is also the sister of Osiris. It should be remembered that the terms 'Isis' and 'Osiris' are not actually Egyptian, but are Greek versions of these names.

Osiris - AS-AR or US-AR - Throne-Eye Hieroglyph

Isis - AS or AST - Throne/Half-circle Hieroglyph.

Sirius (Isis) - Pillar-Triangle/Five-Pointed Star/Half-circle Hieroglyph.

There are thus links to the AEsir-Gods (AS-AR and AS/AST) as we can see here, and the term AS-AR may well be linked to AS and the Black Sun (AR). There are a great many links between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Sumer-Akkad-Babylon. As the many statues of the kings and pharaohs shows these had clear European features, no matter how many attempts there have been to twist this truth. 

The name 'Isis' may stem from the IE Root *ausus- from which we get 'East', 'Easter', 'Eastra', and 'Ostara' etc. There may well be some link between the area of the cosmos in which Orion-Sirius lies and our own solar-system. This is something that needs study, and would prove of interest to us in our work I am sure. 

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