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The Shining Ones

Many ancient cultures tell of a race known as The Shining Ones; this really includes the Old Testament (taken from Aryan sources) where we find distinct references to tall figures who shone like the Sun. These were later associated with the Elven Race who shone like the Sun. I have been witness to the manifestation of an Elf after an Alfar-Blot done on the Fairy Glen on the Moray Firth in the Scottish Highlands. A shimmering, shining bluish-figure appeared in front of me for a few seconds. This was one of the Shining Ones.

The Semitic title of a god is 'El' which was probably taken from an Aryan source originally since we find this to be the basis of many of our words which relate to the idea of 'shining'. The sequence below relates to this idea -

AL   AEL   EL   IL   OL   OEL   UL

From this sequence we can see variations of the names which related to 'shining' and the most known to us is the word Elf or Alf which can also be rendered Alb. Albion is the Land of the Elves which can also be rendered Land of the Shining Ones. Here we find that Ingwe (Ingui) is the Lord of the Elves or Lord of the Shining Ones. We also find the Root *al- in the name 'Alban' which was the Land of the Picts, again related to the Shining Ones. In fact the term Aryan developed into the name of a tribe known as the Alans. Here, once more, we find that a sequence develops -


The word Elan was given to a Goddess linked to the energy-system around Britain, developing into the Greek 'Helen'. It is also the root of Elan Vital which again refers to this 'Earth-Energy'. It may be linked to the 'Ley-Lines' and the Energy-Grid. We can find the Root *ul- in the name Ullr, which is Wuldor to the English. His name means 'glorious' which suggests 'shining'. 

The High God or 'All-Father' in Tolkien's Mythology is named Iluvater which can be rendered Shining-Father. His alternative name is Eru which is said to mean 'The One'. Eru is Er, Ir, Irmin or Arman. The prefix *ilu makes the word 'illuminate' which means 'to light' and refers to 'shining' again. 

I will now turn to the word ALU which once again bears the prefix *al- but which also has a strange property of also having two ways of writing it -


AL-u is also UL-a when written from right to left; both of these fit into the sequence as shown at the beginning. We are led to suppose here that the ALU-ULA Formula is associated with the 'Light' and with the 'Shining Ones'. It appears from an experience at Wayland's Smithy that ALU is in fact associated with The Ancestors, which was the basis of the CD recording of 'ALU' done by myself on the Seelenlicht Recording made by Troy Southgate. In this The Ancestors (Ahnen) would be the Shining Ones. 

ALU - Light of U(r)

ULA - Light of A(r)

The words Alan, Elan etc. are in fact made up of 'Shining' (Al-El) and 'Master' (An). Wodan (Wod-an) is the 'Master of Wod', where '-an' means 'master'. Even the term Vril contains the suffix -il with 'vr' or perhaps 'ur' as a prefix - 'Primal Shining'; this refers to the Light-Force. No doubt the term Vril was adopted by Lord Lytton from virile, rooted in vir or wer which came to mean 'man' but which originally meant something more like 'hero' a higher type of man. But, again, we cannot but relate this to the Shining Ones since these were indeed the 'heroes' of the ancient world. 

If Iluvater is the 'Shining Father' then All-Father is also the 'Shining Father'; the 'Father of All' too, of course. The term 'shining' is also the meaning of the name Tiw; he is the 'Shining One', a Solar God or Sky-God. The Norse Gods were also called Tivar or Tiwar which means 'The Shining Ones'. Can the Gods and the Ancestors be 'The Shining Ones'? Here we have to remember that our race was created by Woden-Will-Weoh with the 'Light of the Gods' (Litr Godi) and that we are the Sons of the Gods - the Gods and the Ancestors are one and the same. This is why the ancient Saxon Kings claimed direct descent from the god Woden - the Divine Ancestry. 

The Hebrew word 'Elohim' is often translated as 'God' but the word is plural and thus 'gods', or more correctly - Shining Ones. The Semites likely took the term El or Al from others in the areas they occupied, just as the Old Testament is a history of early peoples whose legends were recorded and taken by the Hebrews. A great deal of this stuff originated in Sumeria, Mesapotamia and then Egypt, as well as India since we find certain similarities with the Aryans there. 

Associated with the ancient Shining Ones was the symbol of the Serpent or the Winged Serpent - the Dragon. Hence why such figures as Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan are seen as 'Feathered Serpents' or serpents with wings. The god Votan of Central America was of the Race of Chan, the 'Race of the Serpent'. Even here we find the links to our Kan-Rune which is the Rune of the Fire-Serpent. 

KA   KAE   KE   KI   KO   KOE   KU


These have very deep and mystical concepts, and the Kan-Rune/Ken-Rune is that of -

Kan - The Fire-Serpent or Dra-Kon.

Ken - Wisdom and Knowledge.

Kin - The Kinfolk, Kindred and Kind (Nature = In-kind).

Kon - The King, the Khan, the Chan, the Konungr and Cyning. The KOEN - Pine Cone, the Pineal Gland. 

Kun - The Kun-dalini or 'Fire-Snake'. 

The name 'Giant' stems from the Aryan Root *gan/kan and we find numerous legends of 'Giants' in ancient times - these were the Shining Ones. These 'Giants' had mastered the Fire-Serpent or Kundalini-Force. The Aryan Root *gna/kna is also the root of our word 'know' - they were the 'Wise Ones' who 'know', who are 'seers'. 

The Sig-Rune is also associated with the Snake or Serpent; it is a glyph of the movement of the snake and also the sound of the snake - SS. The symbol is also associated with the Sun and the Soul. Being a Solar Symbol it is suited to the Shining Ones - the Solar Race. The symbol of the Solar Race was the Golden Swastika upon a Light Blue background - the Sun and the Blue Sky. The Shining Ones appeared like Fiery-Serpents around the world, spreading the Knowledge of Light and the God of Light. It is no coincidence that the Aryan Gods were known as the Asen - containing the A - Aryan and S - Serpent. Even in late times the Vikings had the Serpent on the front and back of their 'Dragon-Ships'. The English have, to this day, the symbol of the White Dragon or Golden Dragon as their emblem of struggle and final victory. 

The Egyptian Sun-God was named Ra which is  reflection of Ar; the Aryan Root *-ar means 'movement' or 'to plough'. In a sense this refers to the 'movement' of the Sun across the daily skies, and in another 'The Plough' referring to the Great Bear in the Northern Skies. This is the Arktos Mythos, where 'ark' refers to the 'Light of the North'. The Aryan Root *-ark means 'to shine'. The term 'Ar-yan' uses a more southerly 'yan' as opposed to the northern 'kan', hence our use of the term Ar-Kan which means 'Aryan' as well as many other deeper meanings. The Ar-Kan is the 'Solar Knowledge' or the 'Knowledge of The Shining Ones'. 

This ancient race has left its legacy in the stone monuments all around the world; theirs was truly the 'Stone Age'. Today's establishment scholars view the 'Stone Age' as a primitive, backward age using stone tools; the pyramids etc. were built with primitive stone tools and dragged along primitive 'ramps' to get higher - bullshit!!! The true Stone Age was a highly technical age, but with a technology that we have as yet never been able to reach. The use of stone was for the purpose of energy-sources, and also the Science of Sound. It is well known that stone has energy-properties, take quartz for example. Quartz formed a vital part of this ancient technology. Some of these stone structures cannot be matched today, even with today's 'advanced' technology. Certainly, they will last far longer than the life-span of modern building - thousands of years rather than a hundred years! 

Enlightened beings are always depicted with a halo around the head; this word has to be linked with the word heil or hael. It is related to the word 'hallow' and thus to heil in the sense of 'wholeness'. The halo is a circle of light around the head, suggesting the idea of 'shining' again. We use the term 'bright' for someone who is clever, and the term 'dull' for someone who is not very clever. This is no accident, it holds a primal truth. Light is associated with the genius, dullness with ignorance and darkness. 

Not only the race - the Ancient Solar Race - was linked to brightness and light, but also the lands upon which they dwelt. We know this from the many terms used for the Lands of the Arya -






Sweta Dwipa ('White Island')

These are a few examples to show that the Lands of the Arya were also called by names which link to 'shining' or 'bright' or 'light'. Their lands became full of the 'Light of the Solar-Force' through the mystical link between the Blood & Soil. Where they 'ploughed' and worked the land they spread the 'Light of the Arya', and originally they spread the Divine Light to all peoples of the world - that was before they became corrupted by the Dark Powers that had been conjured up from the Shadow-Worlds. 

The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag system used within Folkish Wodenism embodies the memory of the Ancient Solar Race and the Solar Knowledge of the 'Age of Stone' -

Ar-Kan = The Solar Knowledge

            = The Eagle-Knowledge

            = The Eagle-Serpent (Heavens-Earth)

            = The Winged Serpent

            = The Shining Serpent

            = The Wisdom of the Dragon

            = The Solar Kin

            = The Ur-Knowledge of the Ur-Kin

            = The Knowledge of The Shining Ones

            = The Knowledge of The Solar Race

            = The Primal Knowledge or Ur-Knowledge

            = The Solar Serpent

            = The Sun-Dragon

            = The Ar-Kon Knowledge

            = The Arcane Knowledge

            = The Knowledge of the Fire-Serpent

Rune-Lag = The Secret Way

                = The Mystery Path

                = The Science of Sound - 'to whisper'/'to roar'

                = The Secret of Flow

                = The Mystery of the Light

There are no doubt more meanings that will come to light in time; this system is an all-compassing world-view based upon the Sacred Runes - the 33 Ar-Kan Runes the Aryan Runes. These are Aryan in the sense of the 'Ar-Generator' or 'Light-Generator' which could also be the 'Ark-Generator' - 'Generator of the Light'. Ar-Kan is also Ark-An which means 'Master of the Ark' - 'Master of the Light'. This is the Aryan Secret Way



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