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The Wolf & the Spear of Destiny

This post is inspired by Coid Mor from the USA; there is a great deal of important information that he has come across here and we would like to share it with you now. The information stems from a book by Gerald Massey called 'Ancient Egypt - The Light of the World'. Firstly, I have just downloaded a PDF copy and have skimmed through which means I have very little idea of what it has within its pages, and there are a lot of pages. We need to concentrate upon the information given by Coid Mor, and I am going to make my own comments and give my own ideas as we go on.

'The Spear of Destiny is on the hands of the Wulf-Ings' - Coid Mor.

From Massey's work we find that 26,000 years ago - one Great Year Cycle - the Pole Star - Polaris - was in the constellation of Ursa Minor, which to the ancient Egyptians was the Wolf, Dog or Jackal. Thus today, 26,000 years later, we have the same Pole Star - Polaris - in the same Constellation of the Wolf. Thus, today the dominant god-force over the Earth is the Wolf. 

Today the Pole Star is in the Constellation of the Wolf and the celestial polar axis (the Spear of Destiny or the Irminsul) is also in the constellation of the Wolf - Ursa Minor. Now, there has been some misinterpretations of the wolf-symbol in Egypt, because there are two god-forms - Wepwawet (Wolf) and Anubis (Jackal) - both of which in later times were seen as the same. It has now been established that there was a species of African Wolf in Egypt in ancient times, so the Wolf-God is Wepwawet, also known as Upuaut. It seems that the two were later seen as being the same.

Wepwawet was a war-god, whose cult-centre was at Asyut in Upper Egypt; he is shown standing at the prow of a Solar Boat. His symbols are the mace and the hunting arrows - showing his link to war and hunting. It would seem that at a later time he became associated with Anubis as the 'Opener of the Ways'. Anubis was said to be a son of Set - the Dark God - and a God of the Dead. Since we find Wepwawet on a Solar Boat he was originally a 'Solar God' and a 'Wolf-God'. 

Our Folk are on the brink of destruction, and as Coid Mor has pointed out to me this Tarot Card shows us a warning. In the card we see 'The Divine Fool' holding a White Rose (the White Rose of Albion); he is walking towards the edge of a cliff or precipice, looking up at the Golden Sun and unaware of his predicament. Beside him is a hunting-dog (clear from its form) who is looking up at him and seemingly warning him of the coming disaster. The figure represents our Folk, the hunting-dog is the Wolf that is warning of the coming disasters - something we all need to heed now. Before the figure of 'The Divine Fool' is a butterfly which has always been symbolic of a transformation since the caterpillar turns into the butterfly - the earthly into the heavenly. 

In the Robin of Sherwood series of the 1980s we find 'The Fool' of the Tarot associated with The Hooded Man. It is The Hooded Man who wields the sword named Albion, the ancient name for England. The symbol of Albion was the White Rose of Albion carried here by 'The Fool'. Albion means 'The White Island' but it can also be associated with the Elves since 'alb' is a Germanic alternative to 'elf' - thus the Isles of the Elves. But we can go further than this because the Root *al- or *el- means 'shining' and thus the name 'Albion' can mean Isles of the Shining Ones. These isles were, of course, ruled over by the 'Lord of the High Elves' or 'Lord of the Shining Ones' - Ingwe or Ingui. 

The Spear of Destiny

The Spear of Destiny has been dated to around the 6th Century CE, around the time of the Merovingian Frankish Kings. The Merovingians were a Germanic Heerkonig, an ancient Germanic Royal Line which I believe to have been the Wolsungas. They worshipped a Sacred Spear which would have been the Spear of Woden. The Wolsungas and the Merovingians were both associated with the Wolf Symbol. The Spear of Woden is symbolic of the Cosmic Axis which points to the Pole Star, as does the Saxon Irminsul - the Column of Irmin. 

Slumber watcher till the spheres,
Six and twenty thousand years,
Have revolved 'ere I return
To the spot where now I burn.
Stars that soothe and stars that bless
With a sweet forgetfulness.
Only when my round is 'oer
Shall the past disturb thy door.

'Polaris' - H.P. Lovecraft

This all relates to the Polar Mythus rather than the later Solar Mythus; this is thus related to Thule-Hyperborea. It has been said that the Great Pyramid of Giza has its layout related to the Northern Hemisphere and thus to the Polar Mythus. There are seven stations of the Pole Star and the Sacred Number Seven is related to the Polar Mythus. Rather than the twelve world-ages of the Solar, there are seven divisions each of around 3,700 years - a number close to the supposed 4,000 year cycle of the Hale-Bopp Comet. It is perhaps likely that the Hale-Bopp Comet is a herald of a New Order that is coming, as we have shown before. 

The Hale-Bopp Comet appeared in the Northern Skies in the area of Cassiopeia which is the 'W-Shape' or 'B-Shape' that revolves around the Pole Star. We should also note that the 'Driver of the Bear' (Ursa Major) is Bootes, associated with Ingwe or Ing, which is a constellation depicted as a Hunter-God with Two Hunting-Dogs (wolves originally). This constellation is also linked to England in some mystical way. 

The Gar-Rune is the 'Gift of Ing' and is the Spear of Woden; I have shown in a previous post how this relates to the Pyramid. The name 'Pyramid' means 'Fire in the Middle' and is associated with Ingwe and the Inga-Fire - the 'Fire-Serpent'. In his books Graham Hancock has taken the line that the Pyramids of Giza are based upon an earthly representation of the Belt of Orion - Frigg's Distaff. On the other hand, another speculative writer, Andrew Collins, has tried to link the same pyramids to the constellation of Cygnus the Swan. Collins has associated this with secret passages under the area of Giza, linked to the god Thoth who is associated with the Ibis, a symbol similar to the Swan.  This constellation seems to have been associated with the Falcon and to the hero-god, Horus. We shall come back to these ideas later....

Now, the Egyptian Wolf-God, Wepwawet, has a key role to play in a very ancient ceremony dating back to the Old Kingdom of Egypt - the 'Opening of the Mouth'. This is where, it would seem, the Wolf-God has been linked to the Jackal-God (Anubis), the latter being the 'Opener of the Ways'. In this very ancient ceremony the dead pharaoh has his mouth ripped open by a representative of the god Horus. The dead pharaoh is Osiris and the priest that opens his mouth is Horus. The whole ceremony seems to be based upon the idea that Horus rips open the jaws of Osiris and allows the Spirit of the Father to escape, and thus takes in the Spirit of the Father as his 'Son'. 

This is the Myth of Wid-Ar the Avenger who rips open the jaws of the Fenris Wolf thus allowing the Spirit of Woden to escape; Wid-Ar takes in the Spirit of Woden - the 'Father' and the 'Son' are the same. This is played out at the centre of the Milky Way at the area of the Dark Rift, marked by the star Deneb in the Constellation of Cygnus the Swan. It is the Adze of Wepawet that breaks open the jaws of the dead pharaoh; it is the ancient Sword of Light that Wid-Ar thrusts between the Jaws of the Wolf. Wid-Ar the Avenger is Horus the Avenger; Osiris is Woden. Osiris is associated with Orion the Hunter, Woden is Herne the Hunter. Wid-Ar is associated with Cygnus the Swan around which lies the area known to the ancient Saxons as The Greater Wolf's Jaws. 

We can see here in England how Orion the Hunter (Herne Giant) and Cygnus the Swan (Long Man) are laid out clearly in the landscape - Orion to the West (Land of the Setting Sun) and Cygnus to the East (Land of the Rising Sun). The land of Egypt lies at the ancient centre of the world, and thus maybe the pyramids represent both Orion and Cygnus? Maybe. 

Anyway, in the ancient ceremony of the 'Opening of the Mouth' the standard of Wepwawet is the first in the royal procession, this Wolf-God being the Leader of the Gods. (This would apply perhaps to a certain time.) The 'Greater Wolf's Jaws' point towards the Dark Rift of the Milky Way, said by some to be the 'Womb of the Cosmic Mother'. This would be the area of birth and rebirth; it features in Wulf's Prophecy as the birth-place of the Divine Child - the Coming Avatar. Wepwawet is the God of Lykopos, the Greek name which refers to the Lykos - the Wolf! Like Woden, he is the Wolf-God of the most ancient times.

The story of Horus is the story of Hamlet; it is the saga of the Divine Fool whose father is slain by the uncle and whose life is dedicated to avenging the father by slaying the uncle. Horus is the Divine Child, the Hero-God (Heru = Hero); his symbol was the Falcon or Hawk. Like Wepwawet he is a Solar-God. Their tales are part of the Polar Mythus of very ancient times. 

In the Mail Online of February 5th 2014 we find a heading - 'The Mystery of the North Star; Astronomers baffled to find Polaris is getting brighter.' It seems that after two decades of dimming the Pole Star - Polaris - is getting brighter, expanding at the rate of 100 times that which is expected. It seems that it is 2.5 times brighter than in the time of Ptolemy. I am led to believe that during the year 2017 the earth's polar axis was aligned closest to Polaris. 

The Germanic Folk knew the 'Sun-God' by the name Balder or Baeldaeg; but they also knew this god as Pol, Phol or Fal. The name 'Pol' comes within A-Pol-lo; it is also very similar to the 'Pole' and to 'Polaris'. Now, Gerald Massey (from what little I have read) indicates how various different cultures used the Polar Mythus and the image of the 'death' or 'sinking' of each individual Pole Star - seven in number over 26,000 years. Now, maybe the Myth of Baeldaeg has far more to it than the 'death of the Sun'; we could also see this as the 'Death of Polaris' way back 26,000 years ago. In which case the 'Resurrection of Baldaeg' takes place in our era - after the Ragnarok. Is this why the Fylfot-Swastika has been 'resurrected' in our era - I have shown in a previous blog how 'Baldaeg in the Underworld' is symbolised by the Fylfot-Swastika ('The Foal's Foot or 'Fol's Foot'). It would seem clear from the Myth of Balder that he is not the middle-eastern 'Sun-God' who dies each day and is reborn anew the next day. Baldaeg is slain and does not come back until after Ragnarok. Balder is thus the 'God of the Pole' - Pol-Ar-Is. He is the High God of the North. He is the 'Most High' and the 'God of the Golden Age', an age that has gone and is coming again.

It can be no coincidence that the Seven Sons of Mimir appear again to fight in the Ragnarok; these are the Seven Stations of the Pole Star. The Seven Sons of Mimir await in Odainsacre with Balder and the Asmegir - the New Race of Gods. The symbol of the Wolf appears over and over again during the last two thousand years or more, and if 2017 marked the closest alignment to Polaris then perhaps we can explain the panic that has set in within the British Establishment - a panic causing them to become more and more oppressive. This is indeed the Time of the Wolf. 

The Long Man of Wilmington faces due North towards the Polar Regions of the Northern Skies; it is just two miles from Polegate - 'Gate to the Pole' - a name which was previously Polgate - Pol-Gate. The name is said to be 'Gate to the Pool', which makes no real sense. The figure stands in a 'gateway' which is the Gateway to Thule - the Gateway to the Gods. To the east is a comet-shaped long barrow named Hunter's Burgh and to the west a White Horse at a place named 'Hindover'. The figure itself is of an aspect of Woden as Waendal, a god associated with Mundelfore who is the 'World-Turner' or 'Turner of the Cosmic Mill' (Cosmic Axis). We have exactly the same symbols -

  • The Mill or Precession of the Equinoxes; the Seven Stations of the Pole Star in the Arktos Mythos. 
  • The Hunter-God.
  • The Polar-God - Pol.
  • Woden as the Great Initiator.
  • 'The Divine Fool' - the figure is associated with April 1st.
  • The Twin Spears held by the figure.
  • The figure is that of the Cweorth-Rune - the Rune of Fire of Transformation; it is associated with the Fylfot-Swastika, symbol of the Polar North. (*)
  • This figure is associated with the Hale-Bopp Comet which triggered a Solar Initiation that founded Woden's Folk (or maybe a Polar Initiation?).
  • This is symbolic of Cygnus the Swan; it can also be seen as an Irminsul or Cosmic Pillar - the Spear of Destiny. 

This Cosmic Awakening took place at a very inner level unseen by most but is beginning to have a profound affect upon our Folk, even though at this time it is at a very deep level - unseen by the majority. The 'Resurrection of Ingwe' took place on August 11th 1999 with the appearance of the Black Sun - the Solar Eclipse. The astronomical alignment of 23rd September 2017 mentioned by 'Chris' in one of our magazines seems to have fulfilled biblical prophecy and The 88 Prophecy which renewed this one, and which itself refers to the Black Sun awakening the Goddess of Regeneration - Idunn. Idunn lay asleep under the White Wolf-Skin! Since we are told that the Earth's axis aligned closest to Polaris in 2017 this can be no coincidence.

Axe-Age - Sword Age



This is the Time of the Wolf!

(*) Hamasson mentioned that the figure of Rudra-Shiva may well have appeared as a swirling swastika when rotated; this would be the 'Fire-Dance of Shiva'. The Long Man of Wilmington is, as stated, the Cweorth-Rune or 'Fire-Twirl' and its shape may also be that which, when rotated, makes a Fylfot-Swastika (Sign of Pol). I was a bit wary of the claim on a YouTube video that when the VW symbol (Volkswagen) was rotated at a certain speed a Swastika can be seen. However, watching a recent documentary featuring Volkswagen a test was done to determine exhaust emissions on a VW and the wheels were seen spinning faster and faster - until a Fylfot-Swastika could be clearly seen! How the hell did they know that would happen? The symbolism would be clearly projected onto the subconscious minds of the Folk. 

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